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Soffit/Fascia Painting Shefford

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Soffits & Fascias Painting Shefford - Trading Standards Approved

We are proud to now offer Soffits & Fascia painting and refurbishment services in Shefford, whether your roofline requires painting to fit in with the aesthetics of the surrounding village or a protective coating to guard the elements.

What are Soffits and Fascias?

Soffits and Fascia are fundamental to the exterior of a house; their primary purpose is to keep the guttering system attached to the building. The underside is called the "Soffit" and "Fascias" are the part that your guttering is attached to. Bargeboards are also an essential part of this construction; these are fixed to the gable end of the roof, which protects the roof rafters. These also require proper maintenance.

Why Paint Soffits and Fascias?

If you have Wooden Fascia's and Soffits, you will need to maintain them by repainted with a protective coating at least every five years; this is essential due to the corrosive nature of being exposed to the outdoor elements all year round. In addition, failure to properly maintain wooden rooflines can damage your properties underlying structure, and these damages are very costly to put right.

What's the worst that can happen?

By not properly maintaining the roofline, wood root can develop, allowing water from weather conditions into your home, resulting in damp internal complications. Rotten woodwork can also damage the underlying brickwork and the fabric of the building itself.

Another situation you could find yourself in is Rot at the end of the Roof Trusses, and this can be extraordinarily expensive to be put right.

How we can help

Although maintenance work is advisable on a five-year programme, we do like to advise that it could be sooner than the timescale specified depending on how much weather the Fascia's, soffits and bargeboards are exposed to; intense heat, sunlight, heavy winds, and Rain may shorten the lifespan of the paintwork.

If the wood has not rotted beyond repair, we can repaint the Fascia's, soffits, and gable ends, as well as:-

If you would like a free price quote for roofline soffit and fascia refurbishment in Shefford, please contact us.