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Finlock Concrete Gutter Removal Milton Keynes

Jump to PhotosFINLOCK Gutters is the scientific name for concrete gutters, Many houses built in the 50's up to the '70s have been installed with Finlock Gutters the idea behind this was for two reasons closing of the cavity at the top of the brickwork and to accomplish what they thought would be a maintenance-free system.

The problems that Arose with FINLOCK type guttering is that they do fail and cost much more to maintain then they did to fit!

The problems that occur are bad leaks that cross the cavity which can lead to leaks into your actual room of your property leading to damp walls ruining the interior walls and running down the damaging exterior brickwork.

Our client in Milton Keynes found that this was the case for him. All the Guttering, Fascia's and Soffits and downpipe are in Brown. The customer wanted these refit in white to compliment the rest of the house features.

The customer needed access to reach the job safely. Scaffolding was erected and the works could get underway. The first job was to remove all exciting concrete guttering; this was achieved using a cutting blade.

Our team at One Stop Services has extended the existing roof rafters. This enables our team to add the Sprockets, fascias and soffits along with the guttering system. This is fitted in a standard way to any guttering system.

As you can see in a picture below the fascias and gutter hooks, have been installed to the extended rafters ready to complete the guttering system. The new guttering system is fitted to the property, as it has been adapted to the newly extended part of the roof rafters it sits a little further out to the original FINLOCK (Concrete) guttering. The tiles meet the new guttering system not allowing no gaps for rainwater to seep through. A full water test of the new guttering system was done to make sure everything was in good working order. Our Customer was very pleased with the job.

If you would like a free quote for the price of finlock concrete gutter removal in Milton Keynes from a reliable gutter cleaning company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.